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Electronics Recycling in San Mateo County

Be responsible in helping the environment avoid the risks of hazardous metals found in e-waste. Choose All Green Recycling to responsibly recycle old electronics.

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Electronics Recycling San Mateo County Services By All Green

All Green Electronics Recycling is an e-waste recycling company that offers many services to its clienteles. We’re expert in helping our clients recycle old computers, telephones, mobile phones, printers, iPods, scanners, printers and many more. In this location, our Electronics Recycling San Mateo County Services should be tried. We also offer other services such as IT Asset Disposition, On-Site and Off-Site Hard Drive Shredding, as well as Computer Recycling. We’re a tested company with years of experience in this field.

San Mateo County Electronics Recycling


We’re using the best shredder to destroy the sensitive files and information found in your disposable hard drives. It is capable of shredding hundreds of sensitive hard drives and servers. We have certified and secure ITAD Solutions which are aimed at bringing satisfactory and even excellent results.

Electronics Recycling Drop-off Locations in San Mateo County

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San Mateo County Computer Recycling

We will working hard to give our best in our recycling services. If you have computer disposables in your home or office, let our recycling team pick them up and bring them in our world-class facilities for the necessary activities to be done. We will refurbish and repair your computers so that we can still sell parts or even the whole part after the refurbishment. Through our IT Asset Remarketing Program, you can earn as big as 70% from the total resale revenue.

Data Security and Hard Drive Destruction

All computers have disposable and end-of-life hard drives. You must understand that those hard drives contain non-public, confidential files. If they are hacked, your business is at risk. Therefore, you need to shield your brand by way of our certified hard drive destruction services. We will destroy all your files and information digitally. No single information will come out to the public for unauthorized consumption or viewing.

Nationwide Processing Centers

E-waste recycling is for us vital as far as protecting your business is concerned. This is the reason why we have made our Nationwide Processing Centers available in the entire country. By shooting us an email today or through directly contacting us, you will know more relevant details and information about All Green Recycling.

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