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IT Equipment Packaging & Transport

Proper ITAD starts with secure and convenient packaging and transportation. We offer boxes for small satellites and complete decommissioning, packaging and transportation for bigger sites. You track the entire process in real-time through our online portal.

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All Green Electronics Recycling works with our clients to develop and implement IT Asset Disposition programs suited to their particular needs and across all sites. We partner with global clients to manage these programs which meet industry standards and federal regulations. We understand the complexities that come from disposing of outdated assets, and we provide the equipment and methods to handle these tasks.

Onsite Packaging and Loading

All Green comes to your location and packages assets of various types for secure transport to the processing center. Each asset is recorded prior to departing the premises.

Secure Equipment Transport

All Green uses the latest GPS and recording technology to ensure your equipment arrives safely to our warehouse. We provide ongoing tracking to follow the trucks and ensure absolute security as it reaches our center.

Serving Businesses around the World in Many Industries

All Green Electronics Recycling provides IT Asset Disposition to companies with multiple locations around the world. Our on-site technicians can dismantle hardware in offices, warehouses and data centers. We ensure the sensitive data stored by your company is destroyed prior to the asset leaving the facility to reduce the risk your company sustains for information theft.

Safe Management of Asset Disposition

Businesses of all sizes can trust All Green Electronics Recycling for disposition of all outdated IT assets. We provide experienced and trained technicians who understand the complexities of modern equipment and software along with older systems to ensure complete data destruction and asset security.

We offer multiple methods of destroying data, including erasing, degaussing and physically shredded. This process is handled either on-site or at our center. Our team packs all kinds of assets with labeling and tracking to ensure each piece reaches our location securely. We provide a detailed report to our clients and have them sign off on the formal document when the asset is ready to leave.

Once the asset reaches our center, we continue the same diligent handling of the equipment for continued protection of our clients. Every detail is tracked through the disposition process. We remove any evidence of who owned the equipment and all data is removed and destroyed. The asset is process through our center in a manner that allows it to provide the most value for the client.

If the asset is deemed to have remaining value and it is permissible through federal or industry regulations, All Green Electronics Recycling will refurbish it for resale. Assets are tested through various methods to determine the maximum value of the item. We also offer options for clients who prefer to reuse their own refurbished equipment.

Any equipment with little to no value is recycled in a responsible, environmentally-friendly manner. We follow all federal, state and local regulations for the handling of such equipment. For our international clients, we follow their country’s laws.

We audit our own processes to ensure they adhere to the highest standards for recycling and refurbishing. Any companies we work with must also meet the same stringent requirements and provide evidence of ethical and legal compliance for asset disposition.

Partner with us and you will work with an Account Manager who focuses on meeting your needs. This personalized level of service ensures every aspect of asset disposal is handled in a responsible manner while providing accurate documentation that you can keep for your own records. You can feel confident that because we work hard to protect you, our clients, your customers are also protected.

All Green Electronics Recycling has established partnerships with clients in numerous countries and throughout various industries. You can contact use to learn more about our company and what we do.

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