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IT Asset Reporting

Real-time online reporting through our client portal gives you a live look at all of our IT Assets including those in transport. Data destruction certification, test status, refurbishment results and retail sales reporting done in real-time. Maximize the return and your visibility throughout the IT Asset Disposition process.

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All Green Electronics Recycling provides Asset Reporting and Certification for all methods of destruction and disposition to ensure our clients are protected from liability and to mitigate any risk involved in the process. We record data that details each of the processes used for the chain-of-command system. From the initial report to the final Certificate of Destruction, our clients are privy to details of our processes and records.

Initial Equipment Report

We create an initial report for all equipment we take into our possession, whether the destruction happens on-site or in our facilities.

Settlement Equipment Report

Once the decision for how to dispose of the asset has been made, we generate a report that provides the essential details.

Certified Destruction Report

The final report is a Certificate of Destruction which states the asset or the data has been destroyed to meet all regulatory requirements.

Asset Reporting Services

All Green Electronics Recycling provides asset reporting to ensure our clients confidence in our destruction services. All assets that enter our facility are included in our inventory list with all identification stripped. Serial numbers for the assets are recorded with items that are destroyed also being recorded and stored for auditing purposes and to ensure accountability. We provide an inventory list to every client for optimal transparency.

Protect Information with Asset Reporting

All assets received for destruction and disposition are tracked and recorded with serial numbers to ensure optimal security in our chain-of-command. This information is accessible for our clients, and is used to track and monitor the process for every asset that comes into our possession. We create reports on the status of the asset until final destruction when a certificate is created.

Disposition Reports

Information about the asset is logged in our system as we determine value and final disposition. All details are recorded to ensure accountability. The item is tracked from the time it is packaged at your location until the time it reaches final disposition at our facility. Reports are generated which show exactly where in the process the asset is and plans for refurbishment or destruction.

Certificate of Data Destruction

We provide a Certificate of Destruction for all assets and storage devices regardless of disposal method. We create these certificates for data erasure, on-site or facility destruction, or recycling.

The Need for Asset Reporting

By diligently logging and maintaining this information, we provide an extra layer of protection for our clients in data security. These reports are designed to meet all regulations from federal, state and local agencies. In many cases, our reports exceed industry standards. In all situations, they protect your company from liability for unauthorized access of information.

You can feel confident in knowing that your assets are secure from the moment of retrieval to the final disposition when you trust All Green Electronics Recycling with your data destruction and asset disposal needs. Contact us today to learn more about our methods and our processes or to request our services for your business or organization.

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