Illinois expands e-waste law

Illinois recently expanded its electronics recycling law to include more items, increase recycling goals for state manufacturers, and enforce stronger penalties for those who don’t follow the law.

Computer monitors, televisions, and printers were banned from landfills under the previous law. The new law will also ban keyboards, portable music devices, scanners, video game consoles, and other electronics.

In addition to the increased number of banned electronics, manufacturers will now be required to recycle 40 percent of the products they sold in 2010 and the fine for violations will increase from $1,000 to $7,000. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency will also have greater authority to regulate violations of the act, according to the governor’s office.

I think that this is a great improvement to the existing e-waste law in Illinois. It will (hopefully) keep more electronics out of landfills by providing a greater incentive to recycle responsibly.

What do you think about the expanded e-waste law?

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