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El Paso Electronics Recycling

Competitive E-Waste Recycling is very accessible now with All Green. We have been doing great performance with our services in El Paso since we operated in the place. If you want to avail our services, contact us now!

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El Paso Electronics Recycling in El Paso, TX

A US study show that computers, televisions and monitors are the most common and the fastest growing electronics wastes in the country today. But only a small percentage of these are properly managed. In 2007, only 18 percent of the country’s 232 million units of E-wastes were recycled. This means that millions more remain stored in your garages and basements to date.  Now is the best time to call EL Paso Eletronics Recycling and allow us to dispose these items for you.


If you tap the help of an expert recycling company, you will get to realize that your old and obsolete electronics equipment are not all thrash.  These also has parts that can still be recycled to produce useful products. The copper, gold and aluminum contents of electronics can be recycled to produce new products.  In the process, we also get to help the environment by avoiding the new extraction of minerals from the earth.

El Paso, Texas

Central El Paso is now the center of the city’s economic activities while it remains to be a thriving urban community. It is also where you will find numerous city landmarks. In the last 15 years, the city became home to US-based call centers while it continued to produce cotton, fruits, vegetables and livestocks. The city also ventured into the production of petroleum, metals, plastics, medical devices, automotive parts and defense-related goods.

Next to San Diego, El Paso is now the second busiest international crossing point of the country. While the city benefits from its bustling economic activities, it also gets its share of tourists that bring at least $1.5 billion in revenue each year. Visitors come to enjoy the city’s sunny weather, natural beauty and rich cultural history.

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All Green Electronics Recycling: A Certified Company to Responsibly Dispose E-Waste

It is important to always keep in touch with a reliable E-waste recycling service provider when our old electronics equipment start to accumulate at home or in our work places.  Recycling on your own is not an easy task.  Why tire yourself when there is El Paso Electronics Recycling nearby to do the work for you?

Aside from clearing our storage rooms, garages and closets of all these wastes, we also get to comply with government regulations and avoid the risk of sanctions. We want to make life easier for the people of El Paso by riding you of the complexities of having to do your own E-waste recycling.

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