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Determining how to handle the disposal of electronic recycling equipment can be a daunting task for any organization. Beyond internal sustainability policies, there are an increasing number of government policies around how and where to recycle electronics, and increased regulations to consider when choosing a vendor for disposal of electronic waste. All Green Electronics Recycling removes the complexity and guarantees accountability to ensure that the electronics recycling process is done securely and responsibly. Protecting your data and ensuring full environmental compliance is what we do best. Secure E Waste Recycling and Electronics Recycling Pickup Services are what we do best.


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All Green Recycling Electronics Recycling Certifications

  • Optimized approach to electronics recycling pickups & e-waste services


    While secure electronic recycling may be a valid path for some decommissioned electronic assets we consider it a final step in a more comprehensive ITAD strategy. It’s far more beneficial for both the environment and your company’s bottom line to repurpose or remarket equipment, if at all possible. In many cases, however, electronics recycling pickups & electronics disposal is the most viable option for the disposal of your electronic equipment. All Green Electronics Recycling removes the headache by working with you to determine the best electronic recycling solutions for your business.

  • electronics recycling pickups and electronics disposal


    Since we operate more trucks than any IT Recycling Solutions vendor in North America, we are able to provide you with convenient pickup services on your schedule. Our experts can come to any of your individual locations in North America for collection, packaging and removal of IT Equipment. Our state-of-the- art logistics systems then allows you to track your assets through the process of recycling electronics in real-time via secure, online client portal.

  • Certified and secure electronic waste recycling pickups


    All Green Recycling recognizes that entrusting an outside vendor with your firm’s disposal of old electronic equipment is not a decision to be taken lightly. We boast a proven record of going above and beyond the most stringent global standards, earning e-Stewards, ISO 14001, and R2 Responsible Recycling certifications, among others. Based on All Green’s certified compliance reports that document each individual electronic asset through every step of our centrally managed process, our services are transparent and effortless for our customers.

  • Environmentally friendly process of Electronics Recycling


    Improperly disposing of toxic electronic equipment can leave your organization liable for millions of dollars in government fines, cleanup costs, and possibly irreversible damage to your reputation. All Green Electronics Recycling’s zero-landfill policy not only helps preserve the environment, but also protects our clients from unnecessary risk. Our facilities go far beyond electronics recycling by doing electronics recycling pickups and ensuring 100% recycling of everything that enters our system including packaging material such as plastic, cardboard and Styrofoam.

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