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Hoarding computers and computer hardware is a common occurrence. The idea that certain components may be reusable in the future is a fair belief, but because of the exponential rate of hardware advancement, this idea may never come to fruition. When it comes time to clear closets, garages, and storage spaces of e-waste, many people throw their electronic devices into trash bins. Unfortunately, e-waste is highly toxic to the environment, and when it reaches landfills it will contaminate the environment. Let All Green Electronics Recycling recycle your computers in a safe and environmentally-sound way.


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All Green Computer Recycling Certifications

  • Centrally Managed Computer Recycling Process


    We believe that using a one-size-fits-all recycling process only compounds the problem of computer disposal. We create with you a more comprehensive ITAD strategy that is both cheaper for your company and better for the environment. Repurposing and remarketing equipment opens up revenue streams for outdated equipment, and recycling the precious metals from computers is another common strategy. As experts in this field, we are able to determine the best path to take when decommissioning your computers in a safe, secure and economically-viable way.

  • All Green Recycling Makes Recycling Easy and Convenient


    How are we able to pick up your old computers at your location without incurring high costs? All Green Recycling operates the largest fleet of IT recycling trucks in North America. Conveniently arranged for any time, our recycling experts handle all of the packaging, labelling and removal of your outdated computers for you. You can even track where your computers are at all times through our state-of-the-art online management portal. Responsible computer recycling has never been easier.

  • we minimize risk with secure disposal of all data


    The disposal of computer equipment, which could potentially contain important data, is a responsibility that must be undertaken with the utmost care. With our long track record of certified integrity and assurance, All Green Recycling is the dedicated computer recycling company that most businesses trust on a daily basis. All Green Recycling holds the highest certificates in the business – R2 Responsible Recycling, ISO 14001 and e-Steward certification. Every single asset that goes through our doors in carefully managed through every step, and all data is available transparently to you.

  • We help Maximize Remarketing Value for end of life all electronic devices


    Laws on computer recycling across the country mean that disposing of your computer equipment in an unsafe manner can leave you with huge fines large enough to cripple your business as well as irrevocably damage your reputation. Because at All Green Recycling we go above and beyond government minimum guidelines and ensure that a full 100% of items that come through our doors are recycled, your company is protected from risk, all the while offering a sustainable future for our planet.

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Responsible IT Recycling



A computer contains a wealth of parts, make from thousands of different materials. Recycling, repurposing or remarketing this equipment to stop it from going to waste on a landfill and polluting the environment is indeed a complex process, particularly if you are looking to do so economically, but at All Green Recycling we handle all of the process for you, making it incredibly simple.

Our recyclers will come to your facility to collect your computers, as well as any other recyclable electronics, carefully packaging and recording everything that was picked up. You will immediately be able to see your equipment appear on our central tracking system, and from this point on we’ll do all the work.

Your computers will be delivered to our secure facility. We take data security very seriously. If your computers contain hard drives or storage media we will perform a deep level of certified data destruction to ensure that any residual data is wiped completely. Our custom-built shredding equipment is the best in the business. Our clients include the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. With our comprehensive reporting you can receive a certificate of destruction, releasing you from all risk and liability.

As per our comprehensive recycling plan designed to get the maximum use from your old computer equipment, we will now isolate items that can be separated into re-useable parts. Instead of indiscriminately shredding and separating items that be still be used, both fully or partially, we harvest and refurbish all reusable parts. You will be able to see this process in action in your All Green Recycling online management console. Importantly, All Green Recycling returns this revenue back to you.

Not all computer parts can be reused, but virtually all parts contain recyclable elements that can be used to make 100% recyclable products. These computer parts we dismantle and separate. Comprehensive reporting is available at all times.

Now your computer equipment is ready for disposition, whether redeployed in your organization, securely stored with All Green Recycling or sold through our large network of retail, wholesale and e-commerce resellers. As we evaluate and assess the condition of every computer part we are able to get the highest possible return from your computer equipment, and we pass these returns back to you. Your computers have been refurbished, recycled and repurposed in the most economically and environmentally-friendly way possible.

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